13:29 PM Tuesday, January 23, 2018
With an influx of new recycling bins, Lviv moves to align itself with Western Standards for waste disposal.
Editor Dec 08, 2016
Ukraine's fashion scene is gaining international traction including in a recent fashion show taking place in the US Capital.
Editor Dec 07, 2016
Lviv, like Kyiv, opens two massive shopping centers this year. Nearly 200,000 people visited Victoria Gardens on its opening day
Editor Dec 07, 2016
Kyiv's Lavina and Tsum malls are at the forefront of Ukraine's plans to add 500,000 new square meters of retail space by 2018
Editor Dec 06, 2016
Cashless payments are up in Ukraine, as government looks to back transition to cashless economy.
Editor Dec 01, 2016
Tourism is growing steadily here in Lviv, as foreigners differentiate Western Ukraine from images of war from the country’s distant southeast.
Editor Nov 30, 2016
During the 25 years of independence, Ukraine has been on the crossroads in political and economic development.
UBJ Editor Nov 29, 2016
A European Bank for Reconstruction and Development report found that 62.7% of Ukraine's population mistrusts banks.
Editor Nov 29, 2016
Air traffic up 60% at Kharkiv International Aiport. It is on track to handle over 600,000 passengers this year.
Editor Nov 29, 2016
​Skyrocketing demand for smartphones in Ukraine is leading sales growth for the devices in Eastern Europe and changing the way companies do business.
Editor Nov 28, 2016
In the global imagination, Scotland gets tartan and Germany gets beer and pretzels. So why is Ukraine stuck with images of genocide, war, and corruption?
Editor Nov 27, 2016
In a bet on the growing strength of Western Ukraine’s economy, Porsche has opened in Lviv its second largest dealership in the nation.
UBJ Editor Nov 27, 2016
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