13:28 PM Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Business pioneers fill hotels; ideally, tourists will follow
Mark Satter Nov 13, 2017 data indicate that tourism this year will surpass pre-conflict peak; investors look at new projects
James Brooke Sep 27, 2017
When given the choice, Central European governments and employers choose Ukrainian
James Brooke Sep 12, 2017
​Electricity rates lowest in Europe; New car sales up 29 percent; US is largest aid donor to Ukraine; First ‘cryptomats’ open in Kyiv
James Brooke Sep 05, 2017
Teenagers travel 12 hours and 800 kilometers to attend 2-week English language summer camp near Kyiv
James Brooke Aug 12, 2017
Belgian real estate developer unveils plans for Lviv’s second Euro-standard residential suburb – on the road to Poland
Mark Satter Jul 14, 2017
Off the beaten track: Territory of Terror Museum gives visitors a taste of Nazi Jewish Ghetto and Soviet Transit Prison
Mark Satter Jul 07, 2017
Private hospitals, private health insurance, medical tourism, drug sales, drug testing and drug manufacturing could all benefit from laws before the Rada this summer
James Brooke May 29, 2017
With Kyiv’s smooth and successful hosting of Eurovision, Europe glimpsed a different Ukraine
The UBJ May 20, 2017
Heritage sites on sale at low prices; government draws Central Europe’s tourism boom to Ukraine
The UBJ May 12, 2017
Chance to show 230 million Europeans modern, post-revolution Ukraine
James Brooke May 05, 2017
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