0:01 AM Sunday, April 22, 2018
In another step toward Western management for Ukraine companies, a national registry of independent candidates for company boards is to be created in coming months.
Dec 12, 2016
Ukraine's largest steelmaker accused government officials Monday of ordering a flurry of air pollution inspections "exclusively with the goal of extortion."
Dec 12, 2016
Estonia’s e-Governance Academy has unveiled a $6 million project to create a data exchange system between local service centers and national registries.
Dec 09, 2016
Prozorro has saved taxpayers $315 million in less than a year and as a result was awarded 1st prize at the Open Government Awards in Paris
Editor Dec 08, 2016
For the second time this year, no investor has bid in a tender competition for PJSC Odesa Portside Plant, Ukraine’s largest producer of urea and second largest of ammonia.
Editor Dec 08, 2016
Parliament’s unwillingness to allow the sale of private farmland “is the biggest source of immediately available economic growth that the government has failed to utilize.”
Editor Dec 07, 2016
Lee Yang-goo, Ambassador of South Korea, discusses the rising Korean interest in Ukraine
Editor Dec 06, 2016
Up against a year end deadline, the government is belatedly launching searches to find independent board members for its top state owned enterprises.
Editor Dec 05, 2016
While projections are set at 2.5% growth for 2017, investors say Ukraine should set higher goals.
Editor Dec 05, 2016
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