11:40 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Polish shoe franchise to expand in Ukraine; PrivatBank triples profits; Gazprom reducing gas transit through Ukraine; Corruption in land sector being addressed; Mukachevo-Budapest rail link planned.
Bohdan Nahajlo May 07, 2018
Ukrbud increases profits; French firm might help with nuclear waste reprocessing; Chinese to invest in Ukraine’s stock exchange?; Fitch on banking sector; Foreigners to get electronic residence permits.
Bohdan Nahajlo May 04, 2018
Ukraine’s big three mobile cos. bid $200 million for 4G; Foreign investment in Ukraine IT startups triples; President tells FT that voters will feel economic turnaround before 2019 election; Boryspil retail rent increases 4-fold
UBJ Editor Mar 07, 2018
Gazprom breaks gas transit pact with Ukraine; Naftogaz closes office in Moscow; Bavaria opens office in Kyiv; US-Ukraine free trade pact? Siemens, Bombardier, CRRC and Alstom want to sell locomotives; Ukraine pawn shop chain takes Bitcoins
UBJ Editor Mar 06, 2018
Gas crisis passes; Gas transit flows maintained to Europe; Maersk quits Odesa; New Privatization law takes effect;
UBJ Editor Mar 05, 2018
Russia cuts gas to Ukraine; Kyiv sends Brussels ‘early warning’ of a gas crisis; Poroshenko tells Naftogaz to seize Gazprom overseas assets for $2.6 billion bill; Ovostar plans to produce 2 billion eggs
UBJ Editor Mar 02, 2018
Stockholm court orders Gazprom to pay Ukraine $2.6 billion; MinFin says EU macro aid restored; Lviv-Poland toll road plan; Cherkasy refrigerators to replace Chinese in EU market? Danish co. wins back building in Odesa Court
UBJ Editor Mar 01, 2018
Kyiv residential construction up 30%; Germany-Ukraine trade up 22.4%; Toll road bill passes; Tymoshenko slams central bank nominee
UBJ Editor Feb 28, 2018
Poll: 27% of Ukrainians plan to work in EU this year; Venture capital triples for startups; Ukraine’s future: a ‘European China’ for electric car production?
UBJ Editor Feb 27, 2018
UIA to add 38 new cities by 2022; NAFTA to invest $200 million to drill for gas in East; US investor to open second Kyiv residential real estate fund
UBJ Editor Feb 28, 2018
Ukrposhta becomes a postal bank; In 5 years, Government wants to cut in half state ownership of banks; Russia steals Crimea gas; Kyiv to Odesa in 30 minutes by Hyperloop?
UBJ Editor Feb 22, 2018
Ukrainian engines will launch US/EU rockets into space this year; Post inflation retail sales up 10%; Chinese to start paving Zhytomyr bypass in April
UBJ Editor Feb 22, 2018
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