16:39 PM Thursday, April 19, 2018
M.E, Doc will face charges over cyber attack; Kolomoisky and PrivatBank partner face asset seizure; China to rebuild Zhytomyr airport runway
Mark Satter Jul 04, 2017
NBU wants tougher cyber security for banks; Ukrenergo wins access to Euro power market; US Frontera want to explore in South
Mark Satter Jul 02, 2017
Ukraine’s Black Sea ports faster than Russia’s; After Eurovision, Ukraine faces fine, Kyiv to build concert held; State chemical producers up for privatisation
Mark Satter Jun 30, 2017
Ukraine hardest hit worldwide by cyber attack; Hand processing of passports causes big lines at airports; 1,000 complaints about cyber attack;
Mark Satter Jun 28, 2017
Engineers work on holiday to repair cyber damage; Billa wants to sell six stores; apartment prices fall
Mark Satter Jun 28, 2017
Boryspil handles record passenger flow; Israeli companies to hire more Ukraine IT workers; New law eases residence permits
Mark Satter Jun 27, 2017
$150 million for new rail cars; new discount airline for Kyiv; pharmacy sales up 18 percent
Mark Satter Jun 25, 2017
Eurowings and TomTom come to Ukraine; Kyiv metro to be handicapped accessible by 2020; Ukraine uses up its EU ag export quotas for 2017
Mark Satter Jun 22, 2017
Two more discount airlines to Ukraine? Aircraft sales announced at Le Bourget; Bukovel and Kyiv’s President Hotel to be privatized
Mark Satter Jun 22, 2017
Airline traffic jumps; France’s Auchan buys Karavan; EU cuts some ag. quotas
Mark Satter Jun 21, 2017
Farm investment jumps; JICA opens office here; a hostel for Chernobyl tourists
Mark Satter Jun 20, 2017
Visa free era: jump in EU travel, new cross border trains, bid to end mobile charges for Ukrainians in Europe
Mark Satter Jun 19, 2017
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