10:58 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Fingerprint shopping launched; PwC opens in Lviv; EBRD: state-banks need firmer control; 57 EU integration laws pending; Swiss support energy efficiency; Azerbaijani trading house opened; Croatian oil seeks investment opportunities.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 25, 2018
New currency law adopted; Ukrzaliznitsya thriving; France to invest in solar power station; NBU predicts faster growth in Q2; International reserves sufficient; Cooperation with Lithuania growing.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 22, 2018
President yields to IMF on Anti-Corruption Law; GDP up 3.1%; UFuture build electrotechnic plants; Ukraine on target for energy efficiency; Government to invest in rural hospitals; 13% of Ukrainians own crypto-currency.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 21, 2018
KfW provide agri-loans to OTP leasing; Grossdorf expands production; Grain forecast allays concerns; Philip Morris switches to bio-fuel; Trade dynamics revealed; Agrarian sector has potential to double.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 20, 2018
Anti-smuggling operations intensify; Fake crypto trading sites exposed; Trade with Russia declines; Local budgets soar; China and Germany impact in energy; Italians begin ‘mega’ transportation project.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 19, 2018
Dutch invest in shipbuilding; Lithuanian AVIA buys Ukrainian transport lease company; Foreign trade deficit grows; Cooperation with Germany, China & Azerbaijan expands; Boryspil airport grows.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 18, 2018
$1.35 billion invested in agro industry; Hyperloop comes to Ukraine; 90% of entrepreneurs never complain…; Migration necessitates census; Calls to check fine print in Anti-Corruption Court law.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 15, 2018
H&M arrives; New loan from EBRD; EP approves financial assistance package; NBU projects growth at 3.5%; Currency operations and money transfers from abroad simplified; TANAP to benefit Ukraine; Russia seizes 90% of Ukraine's Black Sea fishery.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 14, 2018
Housing boom continues; Zaporizhstal & Siemens Ukraine to cooperate; Government switches to RBM; NBU strengthens risk management procedures; Visa-free regime stimulates travel.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 13, 2018
NBU abandons fixed exchange rate; Acting Finance Minister reassures markets; Norwegians invest in solar projects; World Bank to invest in Kyiv infrastructure; sugar exports grow; small-scale privatization launched; New air routes opening.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 12, 2018
Spanish invest EUR 54.7 million in solar power plant; Amadeus arrives in Kyiv; Loses from Russian aggression top $100 billion; Groysman demands overhaul of state run mines; Food prices down; LPR pays for water supply.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 11, 2018
Parliament approves Anti-Corruption court and dismisses Finance Minister; China to increase investment; Crude oil imports increase; Ukraine opens arms market to private companies; Cyprus court “unfreezes” SCM assets.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 08, 2018
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