0:43 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Westinghouse fuel to displace Russian fuel at 3 of Ukraine’s 4 nuclear power plants? Central Bank moves to blockchain and e-hryvnia; EU travel up 15%
UBJ Editor Dec 11, 2017
Veggie exports double; Taxes cut for new gas wells; 100 state companies listed for privatization; No import taxes on electric cars
UBJ Editor Dec 11, 2017
Chinese-owned Ukrainian bank to finance two-way trade; Rada draws ire of Western reform backers; Black Sea port volumes up; Sugar exports up 64%
UBJ Editor Dec 08, 2017
SigmaBlezyer mulls Ukraine energy fund; Lviv goes vertical with 25-story towers; Black Friday sales were far above last year
UBJ Editor Dec 07, 2017
$7 billion pipeline of Chinese projects? Austria’s Billa supermarket chain to expand by 40%, largely in Kyiv; Kyiv Metro to get 4G in one year
UBJ Editor Dec 05, 2017
GE in $1 billion deal to build locomotives in Ukraine; President tells employers to pay workers more; Belarus, Turkey and Israel tourism growth here
UBJ Editor Dec 05, 2017
Chinese Vice Premier comes to Kyiv; EU nixes EUR600 million payment; Gov’t Postpones VAT on Equipment Imports; Lviv air traffic jumps 47%
UBJ Editor Dec 04, 2017
Q3 GDP growth: 2.1%; Russia’s bypass gas lines advance; UN and Ukraine sign 5-year, $675 million development deal; Chinese Vice Premier to visit Kyiv
UBJ Editor Dec 01, 2017
China to build bypass on Kyiv-Lviv highway; China-EU rail and ferry links advance through Ukraine; Ukraine makes debut as a gas storage hub
UBJ Editor Nov 30, 2017
Farm export earnings jump 23%; Bullet train from capital to coast could cost EUR1 billion; Salaries up 38% in the last year;
UBJ Editor Nov 28, 2017
Wizz Air returns to Kharkiv, adds new desinations from Lviv; Capital investment up 21%; Ag investments in silos and seed processing
Aisha Down Nov 28, 2017
Scarab: new ransomware by email; UIA to increase jet fleet by 25%, add flights to Warsaw, Poland; Ukraine joins EU highway network
UBJ Editor Nov 27, 2017
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