22:37 PM Sunday, January 21, 2018
Maersk lost up to $300 million to June cyber attack; National Bank warns of new computer threat before Aug. 24 Independence Day; China plans to import new foods from Ukraine; Israel-Ukraine free trade pact to be completed and signed within six months
James Brooke Aug 17, 2017
FT: Ukraine best improved for doing business since 2010; Ukraine exports to EU up 26 percent; Official Apple stores on the horizon?
James Brooke Aug 16, 2017
​Rail car bottlenecks delay grain at ports; NABU indicts 125 corruption suspects; Ukraine denies selling rocket engines to North Korea
James Brooke Aug 14, 2017
​Farm exports grow to China and the world; Flights to new cities in Poland; Slow internet speeds clocked
James Brooke Aug 13, 2017
Ukraine in talks to sell 100 Oplot tanks to Pakistan; Ukraine boosts electricity exports 44.5 percent; Visa free for Qatar
James Brooke Aug 11, 2017
Central Bank proposes FX liberalization; Inflation falls; IFC makes first loans in hryvnia; 4 G mobile tenders by December
James Brooke Aug 10, 2017
IT employment up 7 percent; Poultry exports up 29 percent; Solar power up 35 percent; Online advertising up 42 percent; Light rail to Boryspil could be built in 2 years.
James Brooke Aug 09, 2017
Sugar exports up 6-times; French solar experts to assess Chernobyl solar potential; $100 million biofuel heat and power plant planned;
James Brooke Aug 07, 2017
150 Bitcoin ATMS for Ukraine; US co. to spend $100 million develop gold mine; van sales grow faster than car sales
James Brooke Aug 07, 2017
Trade with EU jumps 31 percent; Railroad to buy GE locomotives and record number of freight cars; China prepares to increase sunflower and sugar beet imports from Ukraine
Mark Satter Aug 04, 2017
Nibulon builds 10 grain river terminals; Tax collection up 49 percent; ProZorro radically expands listings of tenders and state assets for sale
Mark Satter Aug 03, 2017
Transit of Russian gas hits 6-year high; French company Nexans opens its third and largest car part plant in Lviv; Ukraine sold 108 armored recon cars to UAE last year
Mark Satter Aug 02, 2017
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