16:38 PM Thursday, April 19, 2018
Wizz Air returns to Kharkiv, adds new desinations from Lviv; Capital investment up 21%; Ag investments in silos and seed processing
Aisha Down Nov 28, 2017
Trade with EU jumps 31 percent; Railroad to buy GE locomotives and record number of freight cars; China prepares to increase sunflower and sugar beet imports from Ukraine
Mark Satter Aug 04, 2017
Nibulon builds 10 grain river terminals; Tax collection up 49 percent; ProZorro radically expands listings of tenders and state assets for sale
Mark Satter Aug 03, 2017
Transit of Russian gas hits 6-year high; French company Nexans opens its third and largest car part plant in Lviv; Ukraine sold 108 armored recon cars to UAE last year
Mark Satter Aug 02, 2017
Exports to Germany up 24 percent; Mriya sues for return of land and equipment; leasing of land for solar power plant starts around Charnobyl
Mark Satter Aug 01, 2017
Free trade with Canada starts tomorrow; Ukr. budget revenues up 46 percent; China invests $50 million Ukraine’s Danube Shipping Co.; ‘Sin taxes’ – on cigarettes and alcohol – go up 11% Jan. 1
Mark Satter Jul 31, 2017
Nuclear power plants more profitable; French energy giant to enter gas trade; Solar power plants win ‘green’ tariffs good for 14 years
Mark Satter Jul 28, 2017
GDP up 2.5% in H1; Ukraine-Israel working on free trade pact, aiming for document by end of this year; State gas producer looking for investors to revive 1,900 closed wells
Mark Satter Jul 27, 2017
Steel giant starts 4-year, $1 billion investment; ‘Amazon bill’ will limit duty free imports; Sunflower oil production up 34 percent
Mark Satter Jul 26, 2017
Shares to be sold in 8 oblast energy cos; decentralization boosts local budgets by one third; PM backs public-private fund for startups
Mark Satter Jul 25, 2017
Gov’t lists 833 companies for privatization, including Boryspil and Lviv Airports; sea cargo up; train tickets can now be bought with iPhones
Mark Satter Jul 24, 2017
PwC loses bank audit rights over PrivatBank fiasco; UIA to fly to Shanghai, Toronto; IFC and Germans banking new funds
Mark Satter Jul 21, 2017
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