0:39 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Ukraine's governments provides cheaper seeds and machinery to nation's vital farming sector
Dec 14, 2016
Kernel Group is set to build a new grain processing terminal in Odesa, one of many new investments which will triple Ukraine's grain export capacity by 2020.
Editor Dec 08, 2016
Parliament’s unwillingness to allow the sale of private farmland “is the biggest source of immediately available economic growth that the government has failed to utilize.”
Editor Dec 07, 2016
Bohdan Kupych, Business Development Vice President of KM Core, envisions a Ukraine where IT and agriculture combine to create a European hub for agricultural technology.
Editor Nov 30, 2016
Ukraine continues to make gains toward becoming a European nation despite a two-year war against Russia and a decades-long war against corrupt business and political elites.
Editor Nov 28, 2016
Ukraine’s grain industry is exporting more than ever, despite softening global food prices, aging transport infrastructure, and the erosion of such top traditional markets as China, Saudi Arabia and Russia
Editor Nov 27, 2016
Good weather, cheap fertilizer, and better farm management are combining this fall to restore Ukraine’s historic title: “Breadbasket of Europe.”
Editor Nov 27, 2016
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