3:55 AM Thursday, March 22, 2018
Competition for management company of Fastindustry industrial park, Kyiv Region
The UBJ Mar 19, 2018
Occupancies back to pre-crisis levels, room rates near EU average
James Brooke Feb 17, 2018
Pedestrian streets, urban art, and historic preservation push Carpathian university town to top of investor lists
The UBJ Feb 03, 2018
Red tape is down. Public private partnerships will boost growth. But real estate forum attendees say downsides are: corruption, brain drain, and squeamish foreign bankers
James Brooke Nov 23, 2017
Business pioneers fill hotels; ideally, tourists will follow
Mark Satter Nov 13, 2017
Odesa: Pearl of the Black Sea or Marseille of the Black Sea?
James Brooke Oct 12, 2017
​Electricity rates lowest in Europe; New car sales up 29 percent; US is largest aid donor to Ukraine; First ‘cryptomats’ open in Kyiv
James Brooke Sep 05, 2017
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