23:36 PM Saturday, November 17, 2018
Uklon taxi’s into Africa; Solar cools; 44 gas fields for sale; Official Apple store opens this weekend; NBU launches Royal Standard investigation; Azur Air leases new Boeing 767-300’s; No media bias, just the wrong messages.
Editor Jul 27, 2018
Ukraine and US join forces against Nord Stream 2; Drought devastates Crimean harvest; 4 major agri businesses change hands; Slovenians build 11mw solar plant in Zhytomyr; Callpage secure $4.5m investment; Stranded passenger sues Wizz Air and wins.
Editor Jul 26, 2018
Ukraine close to finalizing IMF deal; Trade with Israel up over 5%; Tetra Tech win $85m USAID contract; Preply secure $4m in new investment; Electric car sales up7%; Ukraine becomes frozen fruit superpower.
Editor Jul 25, 2018
Hutchinson Ports look to invest in Ukraine; ‘Dear Wind’ airline registered; Honey production dives; Modernization to double agricultural production; Sumitomo opens new plant; Kodisoft to raise up to $18 million.
Editor Jul 24, 2018
US provides additional $200m for security; Tesla Gigafactory unlikely; Additional Russia sanctions over Azov Sea interference; ProZorro to be enhanced with AI; Ukraine NATO aspirations complicated by extensive China links.
Editor Jul 23, 2018
Russia to impose sanctions; Hungary complicates Euro-Atlantic aspirations; Ukraine looks to Canada; Renault developing interest in Ukraine; Authorities to investigate logging.
Editor Jul 20, 2018
Ukraine will be Trumps first casualty; A promising path to reform; Antonov An 178 impresses at Farnborough Air Show: Crimea on the brink; Kyivstar boss resigns; SME’s are the real engine of growth
Editor Jul 19, 2018
Ukraine is the new ‘ground zero’; Difficult gas dilemma for the PM; Beverages back on line; Is Ukraine heading for a debt trap?; Mariupol buys 72 lower-floor trolleybuses; Atlasjet to link Odesa and Istanbul
Editor Jul 18, 2018
Confusion and disappointment after Helsinki summit; EU bans Russian meat and poultry; Dragon Capital acquires Zaporizhia Eco Tower; Klitschko to run again
Editor Jul 17, 2018
SBU thwarts massive cyber attack: Ukraine & France sign new helicopter deal; ICU acquires rail operator; Rada passes ‘foreign vehicle’ law; Ryan Air agrees Boryspol flight schedule.
Editor Jul 16, 2018
Moody’s upgrade Ukrainian banking; Nibulon secures $80m loan; Naftogaz pays UAH 72 billion in taxes; Household gas price to rise 18%; 12 bid for Lviv recycling plant; Steel, eggs & sugar up, milk & meat down.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 13, 2018
Economic growth looking better; Ukraine overtakes Russia in innovation; PM urges parliament to vote in favour of IMF proposals on anticorruption court; Ukraine and Russia to build new nuclear fuel plant; Export of labour becomes primary source of currency
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 12, 2018
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